Secrets to Getting Multiple Offer on Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, the housing market has really began to surge nationwide. Local newspapers throughout major cities have also noticed and reported the increase in the market. The percentage of real estate listings that are selling at or higher than the asking bid has grown more than ever over the last few years.
Despite this recent incline in the housing market, there are many that are still holding out for their “big deal”. Then there are those who’ve been forced to leave their homes due to foreclosure and have been working hard to become homeowners again.
Although there is an incline in the percentage of homes being sold, there are some common similarities shared between homes that are receiving multiple bids which you can follow to receive the same results.
Make sure the home is stages and ready to go
When you’re preparing your home for a showing to potential buyers, it should be cleaned from top to bottom and presentable. Make sure that the decorations complement the selling points of the home and that you attempt to make your home look like an excerpt from your favorite decor store. One common rule of thumb is to keep the home looking and smelling like a model home that no one lives in. Think about the competition in the market and what you can do to set your home apart from the others for sale.
Just think about how long your competitors have been preparing for a showing and much cleaning or preparation that you’d expect to be done to a house you were viewing with intentions to purchase. There are even services that specialize in cleaning and staging homes for viewings from potential buyers. Put some thought into the benefits these services may provide when contemplating staging the home yourself.
Competitive Rates attract Viewers!
When looking to list a home that receives multiple listings, keep in mind that competitive pricing may be one of the most important aspects. You’d be surprised to know that there are some homeowners list their homes for lower amounts than they’re actually worth in order to stand out from the masses. To some this may seem like you’re selling yourself short but in actuality you are on the road to increasing the amount of potential buyers who come to visit your property.
Value speaks for itself which is why much more people are likely to react to your listing if you are willing to offer rates that provide value to the buyers. The real estate market is a numbers game just like many other markets which means that the more potential buyers you get to view the home, the more likely you are to find a true buyer.
Keep your Home Accessible for Showings
If you were in the market for a home and you were continuously running into scheduling complications, how many times would try and reschedule until you found another home to see?
Making your home easily accessible by keeping your schedule open or scheduling specific times for showings will help you to attain multiple bids on your listings. Make sure that you are keeping up with phone calls, messages, and scheduling meetings in order to reach as many potential buyers as you can.
There is still competition in the real estate market which is why you should take the necessary steps to make sure that you receive multiple offers. By making sure that the home is extremely tidy and ready to present, offering competitive rates, and making yourself readily available for showings, you’re bound to receive multiple offers on your home.

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