Live in Rancho Santa Fe – Classes & Activities

Live in Rancho Santa Fe & take classesResidents of all ages who live in Rancho Santa Fe will be excited to see that the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center has a new line-up of classes to help you get started this Fall. Numerous classes and activities for children and teens will be provided by the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center, allowing for safe learning opportunities near your Rancho Santa Fe home.  Session 1 classes begin on September 4th, so be sure to register before the courses fill up!  Your family will enjoy the wide range of activities and opportunities available after school at the community center, near your Rancho Santa Fe home.
Classes range from music, crafts and art to sports and fitness.  The Fall catalog offers chances to learn soccer, build with legos, create rock band music and instruments.  Beading, cartooning, tennis skills, Taekwondo, karate, and magic will also be covered!  If your child is interested in the theatre, he or she can participate in Peter Pan, and if they prefer dance, woodworking, cheerleading or cooking, those classes are offered, too.  All age levels are welcome to join in and classes are held on weekdays.  To learn more, call the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center at 858.756.2461 or click here.

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